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Tunturi Go 50 Elliptical Trainer

Tunturi Go 50 Elliptical Trainer

I am always asked to rate whether the elliptical cross trainer is better than a treadmill and I often say, “in terms of cardio gym equipment, yes, hands down”.

In the next few minutes I will explain my reasoning and help you make the right decision regarding your next purchase of gym equipment.

Perhaps you have made the decisions to buy into an elliptical trainer and simply need to see the various models that you can feel comfortable about buying right now.

You have decide that you need to begin exercising on cardio vascular equipment or you are just researching the best way to get you into perfect shape.

Either way by reading more here you will be able to make the right decision to buy the right elliptical trainer or fitness machine for your home, corporate gym or commercial gym. So why should you buy an elliptical trainer before you buy a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine (such as the WaterRower) or stepper?[/vc_column_text]



So What Is An Elliptical Cross Trainer?

The elliptical Cross Trainer is a “whole body movement” piece of cardio vascular gym equipment which provides a cardio vascular workout for the upper body and lower body at the same time. It is really two fitness machines in one and provides the option of a hard core high intensity workout, or a lower key, lighter workout.

Elliptical Cross Trainers, are also called Cross Trainers, Elliptical and Elliptical Trainers and are found in home gyms, commercial gyms  and corporate gyms around the country.

The lower body aspect of the elliptical trainer provides an elliptical movement (hence the name) which is quite different form many of the common exercise machines such as treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes. This movement is a type of plodding circular movement and could be described as being a cross between a running action and stepping action.

In short the elliptical is a great overall body workout.

Is an Elliptical Cross Trainer Better Than a Treadmill or Exercise Bike?

Modern Gym Industry

elliptical trainer is not necessarily better than a treadmill, an exercise bike, a gym stepper or a rowing machine. However as I mentioned at the beginning of my article, I do have a preference for the Elliptical Trainers and here is why:

1: Calorie burning potential. The Elliptical Cross Trainer is good for around 550 to 900 calories per hour. The massive difference between the figures comes from the fact that it is quite easy to cheat by using the momentum of the machine. Increase your resistance level and go for slower harder workout rather than a fast paced momentum based workout.

2: Upper and Lower Body workouts in one machine: The only other fitness machine that comes close to the Elliptical Trainer is the Rowing Machine which according to research by WaterRower will utilise up to 86% of the muscles in the body. It’s a great workout and not for the faint hearted!

3: Ease of use: The Elliptical Trainer is very easy to use and requires no special techniques. Rowing machines and even treadmills require a bit of practice to get the movements right.

4: Reduced Impact and Lower potential for Injury

Research on ellipticals  has demonstrated that when treadmill usage and elliptical usage are compared, calories burned were similar, but the impact on joints was less for the Elliptical. Unless you are a serious runner this is a very good reason to

Elliptical Cross Trainer Warranty: The Wiring Under the board

Biocor Commercial Ellliptical

How long is your elliptical trainer frame guaranteed for? That’s how long the manufacturer is very confident of your elliptical trainer being used. If you never use it, like many supermarket browsers, then don’t stress. If, however you intend use your elliptical trainer on a regular basis, (like most Internet shoppers, who do their research), then you will most probably want to ensure that you have some good backup in the form of a warranty from a reputable company.

A warranty needs to come from a reputable company that sells a lot of units around the country. That means they will have stock of the parts as well as experienced technicians. Years ago some importers brought a container of ultra cheap elliptical cross trainers into the country and many of these great deals were sold into gyms and homes across South Africa. Everyone was smiling until the day came when maintenance was needed and there were no spares to be found anywhere in South Africa. Ask about the availability of spares.

Is a year long enough? Well when it comes to supermarket elliptical trainer that may be the most you can get. Look for a minimum of 2 years on the frame. Labour is not normally covered for longer than a year, even with the top brands.

Front Drive Or Rear Drive Elliptical Trainer

Tunturi Platinum Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are two different configurations to elliptical cross trainers. You can normally see the difference just by looking at the structure.

You could refer to these types of Elliptical Cross Trainers like the motoring community refers to the drives on a car; you have a front wheel drive and a rear wheel drive elliptical Trainer.

1: Front Drive Elliptical Trainer.

This would an elliptical Cross Trainer with the “flywheel” at the front of the machine. Some companies regard this as an inferior design. In the earlier days of fitness equipment design this may have been true, but now the main difference is the feeling of the motion. A front drive elliptical trainer has flatter

2: Rear Drive Elliptical Trainer

This would be where the flywheel and the machinery is placed at the rear of the elliptical trainer. Compared to the front drive elliptical trainer, this fitness machine offers a more up and down plodding motion. This would feel as if you were plodding through the snow, whereas the front wheel drive generally feels like a skiing motion.

Is one better than the other? No not really. It is matter of preference. My choice is the Front Drive Elliptical Trainer although I will happily work out on any of the designs.

Call me or send and enquiry for the latest available Elliptical Trainers in both Categories.

Elliptical Trainer Programs


Most elliptical trainers have some range of programmes. There are a few such as the Indoor Walker, however that are manually adjusted and do not have a programme feature. In my experience the versatility of the manual adjustments make for a better user experience.

When programs are available they will work only on the resistance and like treadmills which have speed and incline settings, an elliptical will have your speed of movement, (controlled by you) and the resistance.

Elliptical Trainer Maximum User Weight

Tunturi Platinum Cross Trainer Console

Elliptical Trainer manufactures will set a maximum user weight when they grade the various machines in their ranges. Most manufactures offer a number of different machines within a range.

Most home elliptical trainers should easily accommodate people of 120 kgs and commercial machines should accommodate people of up to 180kgs and more.

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