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Free weight Gym Equipment Prices and Exercises

You may be looking for a few dumbbells a full home gym system or a weight training area for your commercial gym. Save money, effort, time and frustration by getting it right the first time. When you are scouring the internet looking for the best free weight prices, gym equipment prices or bodybuilding equipment prices it helps to know what you are looking for.

What Types of Free Weight Training Machines Are There?

free weight prices

free weight prices

Machines and benches that work with dumbbells , barbells and weight plates fall into the category of free weight training equipment. The free refers to the fact that the weights are not attached to the machine, (not that you can take them home, a misinterpretation that many gym owners can attest to around South Africa)

Free Weight Gym Equipment and Bodybuilding Equipment Includes

Dumbbells and barbells, (covered in a separate post here)

Machines that act as a bench or rack such as the bench press, incline bench press, adjustable bench press, squat rack, power cage

Racks and cages such as the Smith machine squat racks, power cages and telescopic weight stands

Free weights are described as free because they are free of any restraining machine mechanism such as found on smith machine and leg press machines. These other machines are normally referred to as plate loaded gym machines.

So What is Free Weight Training?

Free weights and weight training exercises represent the very incunabula of gym training. In fact barbells and dumbbells and all sorts of basic weight training are now discovering a renewed life and a revival with the Crossfit Phenomena spreading through the country.

Free Weight training is a type of strength training involves gravitational pull or weight bearing resistance, as opposed to elastics or bungee cord type machines.

There are four types of strength weight training of which free weight training forms one category

  1. Free Weight Training with only weights

gym equipment prices

gym equipment prices

2: Free weight training with benches and free weight machines.

fitness equipment prices

fitness equipment prices

  1. Plate Loaded machines

bodybuilding equipment

bodybuilding equipment

4. Selectorised machines

bodybuilding equipment

bodybuilding equipment

Strength machines have been developed and designed to target muscles that may be difficult or impossible to isolate with a free weight alone.

Free weight exercises are very functional and when performed correctly use many smaller and supporting muscle groups to support and balance.

Perfect style in using free weights may take a while to master when compared to movements performed with selectorised gym equipment but in the long run it is worth the effort to build up your functional strength.

Free weight training is not for the weak hearted or weak willed. It takes concentration, focus and commitment to use create a chiselled body from free weight training and bodybuilding exercises.


Free Weight Training Burns Fat

There is no doubt that when conducted correctly your free weight training exercise routines can be highly effective at burning fat and creating that chiselled and lean physique.

Ladies are increasing looking to the barbells, dumbbells and free wrights to maintain enough muscle to keep their metabolism burning fat; weight training is certainly not just for me.

fitness equipment prices

fitness equipment prices

The Most popular Free Weight Training Machines

Some of the most popular and effective free weight training machine available include the following

  • Dumbbells and Barbells
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Squat Racks and Power Cages
  • Bench Press
  • Adjustable Bench Press
  • Adjustable Home Gym Combinations such as the Marcy Olympic Bench and Leg Extension
free weight gym equipment

free weight gym equipment

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