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Cycling Indoors your way to fitness and health.

Studio Bikes

Studio Bikes

If you are a keen cyclist or you have attended indoor cycling classes at the local virgin Active then you may have experienced the benefits of indoor cycling. The indoor studio cycling, spin cycle or “Spinning classes” and “Spinning” bikes, as Virgin Active still call them are renowned for high intensity and thumping music, (Not to mention exceptionally sweaty people if that’s your thing)

We don’t Sell Spinning Bikes

At the gym they call it “Spinning”, but out in the business world you are only allowed to call it that if you have a certain type of indoor cycling bike. I get a lot of calls from clients who are looking for spinning bikes and they are surprised when I say we don’t have any! The word most people use these days are Spin bikes.

We have lots of very well priced home and commercial exercise bikes, studio bikes, indoor cycles and spin bikes, but no Spinning bikes!

You see the Word “Spinning” as well as the description “Spinning Bike”, “Spinning” and “Spin bike” are actually trademarks of the Mad Dog Fitness Company.

As of writing this article the only one brand of exercise bike has been associated with the name Spinning.

My issue with brand names and franchise concepts as a whole is that the client tends to pay more for the brand name, (as the owner of the brand has to recoup his expenses somewhere). Now I am not saying this is the case with Spinning Bikes but the smart buyer is the one who shops around.

What you are looking for is a Studio Bike, Exercise Bike or indoor cycle.

Commercial Studio Bike

Commercial Studio Bike

Apart from the name “Spinning” and or some industry technicalities what you are probably looking for is a bike that falls into the class of studio cycle or indoor cycle.

Who would have thought that the very simplistic but hardy indoor studio bike would have become such a cult offering in the South African fitness industry.

Until you have had a workout on one of these fitness bikes don’t knock the concept.

I am seeing more and more people from gyms and home gym environment investing in indoor studio cycles and standard exercise bikes.

Perhaps you have made the decisions to buy into an indoor studio cycle and simply need to see the various models that you can feel comfortable about buying right now.

Take Action Now

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Whichever way you choose to set this cause into motion, do it right now.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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