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So, You Want to Learn More About Rowing Machines?” Sick and tired of the other run of the mill gym equipment such as the dumbbells, multigyms and treadmills?

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

You may be looking to buy some new gym equipment to get shape up, lose some belly fat or improve your health and fitness and before you run into buying a treadmill you may want to consider the advantages of the Rowing machine, more specifically the WaterRower: a truly Holistic Piece of Fitness equipment.

Can you say that your workouts are exercises in skin tingling exhilaration?

Could you claim that every workout had worked on 84% of your muscles… on one fitness machine?

I have just had one of those workouts.

Of course I have discovered that there are a only select number of fitness equipment or gym equipment machines that can achieve this sort of workout and There are not many.

You will have to look hard, especially if you demand a machine with a price that suits a home gym owner’s pocket.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What is a Rowing Machine?

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

Rowing Machines are becoming one of the most popular exercise and fitness machines in South Africa. Once regarded as a specialist machine for the ultra-fit rowing community, the machine has overtaken the Treadmill, exercise bike, recumbent exercise bike and gym stepper as the second most popular item of cardio gym equipment, (the studio bike or “Spinning bike” is not the most popular gym machine).

For most of us out there the rowing machine is  as close to real rowing as you can get. I fell out my boat the first time I tried and have been shell socked ever since. I am reliably informed by people that can really row that the workouts and movements are on a par with each other.

Rowing on a rowing machine especially the WaterRower range, is an unbeatable form of exercise, utilising up to 84% of the bodies muscles. Just a with swimming and real rowing, the rowing machine  helps you develop maximum muscle tone whilst helping you burn ample amounts of fat. A rowing workout will help you tone your biceps, traps, lats, back muscles, quadriceps, calves and hamstrings.

Although researchers differ on which gym machines assist you in burning off the most fat, the rowing machine is a top contender, up there with the elliptical trainer and gym stepper. Unlike most cardio machines the rower works your upper and lower body simultaneously.

Is an Rowing Machine Better Than an Elliptical Trainer or Treadmill?

A1 Waterrower

In terms of fat burning and overall exercise there is not much that beats a rowing machine. They need less maintenance than a treadmill and use the upper and lower body muscles during the workout. Having said that the rowing machine is not necessarily better than a treadmill, an elliptical cross trainer, a gym stepper or an exercise bike. It is simply a different type of exercise using a very easy movement.

The rowing movement takes a few minutes to get right, but with a bit of practice you will be in the flow and enjoying a low impact, high intensity workout.

Rowing machines such as the WaterRower have an infinite resistance system which means the harder and faster you row, the higher the resistance becomes.

Only Cross-country skiing worlds more of the bodies muscles than rowing and in South Africa cross country skiing is not that popular!

Rowing can also benefit you in terms of range of movement as It also works most of the body’s joints. Many people benefit from rowing:

Who should use a Rowing Machine?

·        People wanting to lose weight, get fit or improve muscle tone

·        Older people wanting a low impact and gentle workout

·        Competitive athletes

·        Hard core fat burning and tabata workouts

·        Cross training

·        Cardio vascular machine for home gym owners

Rowing Machine Warrnty: The Wiring Under the board

WaterRower A1 in Solid Ash Wood

How long is your Rowing Machine frame guaranteed for?

That’s how long the manufacturer is very confident of your equipment being used.

A good rowing machine should offer between 3 and 5 years on a frame. Anything less than 2 years is just not acceptable.

Like all gym equipment, especially cardio equipment, Rowing machines will have wear and tear parts which break over time, it is normal for these warranties to be shorter than on the frame. Rowing machines are quite different from other items of cardio equipment in that they generally don’t need a lot of maintenance

It is important that you purchase from a manufacturer who can continue to supply you with spares at a reasonable price all of the time.

Some exercise bike companies also cover labour as well as spares under a warranty. We offer it all. Once again labour costs can be exceptionally expensive and it is standard for labour warrantees to be shorter than the parts and frame.

Types of Rowing Machines


There are three basic types of rowing machine


By far the smoothest operating system. The use of water as a resistance simulates real rowing. There is an element of rhythmic relaxation created by the whooshing sound of the water.

Be careful of cheap imitations. If it does not say WaterRower then it isn’t one!

Air Rowers

Resistance is created by fans or flywheels. The Concept 2 is the most popular air rower.

Magnetic Rowers

These fitness machines offer smooth and variable levels of resistance.

Rowing Machine Maximum User Weight

A1 Waterrower 2

Rowing machine manufacturers will set a maximum user weight when they grade the various rowers in their ranges. Believe it or not the WaterRower range has rowers that can accommodate users of up to 400 kg.

I don't want an exercise bike what else is there?

WaterRower Natural in Solid Ash Wood 2

Have a look here for other cardio vascular gym equipment such as treadmills, recumbent exercise bikes, steppers, recumbent exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers. Or have a look at strength training gym equipment.

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